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gay neighbor

(cross posted americangay)
one of my acquaintances from high school asked me out to lunch the other day. he was labeled a nerd back in the day. i remember how he would ramble on and on about computer specs or how many channels he could get on satellite television. it is quite obvious that he has blossomed well during the four years since graduation. good fashion taste, musically inclined, upbeat personality.

long story short, "i've been meaning to tell you this for a while, i'm gay. i just felt the urge to tell you." i couldn't believe what he told me! not the "i'm gay" part, but rather the "i've been meaning to tell you this for a while..." statement. do i look like i need to be told something like that? yes i am gay, but it is not known to all people in my social circle. maybe my flamboyance prompted him to come out to me.

i was cool about it though. no need to come across as rude. the whole situation was odd. i didn't tell him that i was gay. but why would he come out to me?! was he assuming that i would come out as well and we would strike up a homo-friendship?!
ironically, he lives two houses down from me! perhaps he wants a "close" gay friend. i will have to keep a close watch on this one.

what do you guys think?
-alan seann
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it could be that he sensed some homo on you and thought it would be ok to tell you.

2 people i know who dont know each other rode the same bus for a yr, and when they met, they seperately told me they KNEW the other was gay.


July 11 2006, 10:03:13 UTC 10 years ago name is Brian Walton. I live in Flushing, Michigan. I am 18 years old and am just coming out of the closet. I hate being attracted to men, but I can't help it!!!! It feels so right!!! After several wonderful experiences... :0 ... I have finally accepted that this is who I am!!! OMG!!...My friends in Flushing would never understand!!!! Who cares!!!! Seriously, I don't want them to find out!!!! I want to meet new friends, out of my " circle ", who will accept me and understand my feelings. I act straight in Flushing, but I feel so fake!!!! Does anyone understand????? It is tough on me right now. I NEED SUPPORT!!! I would like to chat!!!! Sometimes I like to "dress up".. I bad?....I can't believe I'm doing this!!!! <3

live journal.....anno_domini_00

I just feel soooo crazy sometimes.....<3 ;} LMAO...

I'm looking forward to hanging out!!!<3

Can I bake you some cookies????

<3 <3 :) ;}

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